5 Energy-Themed Jack-O-Lantern Patterns for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner you may soon--if you haven’t already--be in search of the perfect pumpkin to carve into a Jack-o-lantern to place on the porch or front window.

Instead of another scary face, why not let your geeky side bright at night with one of these energy-themed Jack-o-lantern patterns from EnergySaver.gov.

Energy-themed-pumpkin-patterns© Energy.Gov

These are the five designs available from the downloadable patterns. Take it a step further and use flameless LED votive candles to illuminate your pumpkins.

October is National Energy Action Month and these Jack-o-lanterns are a great way to talk to your family and neighbors about ways you can save energy and maximize energy efficiency inside your home.

Want more inspiration to get in the mood for pumpkin carving? Check out our slideshow of some of the most amazing pumpkin and vegetable carvings you'll see this year.

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5 Energy-Themed Jack-O-Lantern Patterns for Halloween
Let your geek flame burn bright this Halloween with energy-themed Jack-o-lanterns

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