3 ways to clean with vinegar, spit and booze

3 ways to clean with vinegar spit and booze
© Zhukov Oleg

In which we learn the chemistry behind these clever down-and-dirty cleaning hacks.

Many of us know by now the merits of baking soda and vinegar when it comes to cleaning with kitchen ingredients. For the more adventurous, there's toothpaste, citrus and an odd assortment of pantry items that can do double duty as cleaning supplies. And now we have a few more curious ingredients to add to the emergency cleaning kit, namely booze and spit, as in saliva. Ask any kid who has ever had maternal spit applied to their face, mom's best secret is always available.

The American Chemical Society has been kind enough to share how to use spit to clean stubborn goop, as well as the handiest trick for red wine spills and the trick for making vinegar work wonders with your windows. All the magic, explained below:

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