20 new uses for IKEA shopping bags

ikea bag

From clogs and caps to cat forts, the iconic blue FRAKTA bag packs an endless array of hacks.

The great linguist of our times, Google Translate, tells us that fracta means "carry" ... and if there is one thing that IKEA's iconic blue FRAKTA bag is good for, it's carrying things. Debuting in 1996, the polypropylene jack of all trades has a 19-gallon capacity and can carry up to 55 pounds without ripping. It is rated for 1000 trips; meaning that if you use it once a week for your groceries (use #4), it would last nearly 20 years! But beyond carrying things, there are oh so many other ways to put the versatile blue bag to work.

The recent news of luxury fashion house Balenciaga creating a pop knock-off bag (with a price tag of $2145) seems to have sent cheeky fashionistas and IKEA fans into a DIY frenzy, as evidenced by the explosion of FRAKTA hacks flooding social media. Since DIY and upcycling and hacks in general are all part of the TreeHugger standard operating procedure, we've gathered a selection of them here for a bit of inspiration.

1. The FRAKTA fanny pack

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2. Face mask + top-knot holder

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3. A sweet Swedish smock

4. "Non-Ikea shopping" shopping bag

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5. Blue booties

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6. The FRAKTA cap

7. Cat fort (it's inevitable)

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8. Geta Japanese flip-flop clogs

9. Recycled recycling container

Ikea bag© IKEA

10. Coin purse card case

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11. Plant bag

plant bag© IKEA

12. FRAKTA flak(ta) jacket!

13. Vegan wallet

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14. Container garden

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15. Victorian underbust corset, of sorts

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16. Laundry bag

Ikea bag© IKEA

17. Black tie in blue polypropylene

18. Dumpster diving / treasure hunting

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19. "To Be Donated" bag

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20. And last but not least ... baby tote!

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And all of which doesn't include overnight bag, tarpaulin, beach bag, emergency rain poncho, gear storage, wrapping paper, rubble hauling, and at least 101 other uses.

20 new uses for IKEA shopping bags
From clogs and caps to cat forts, the iconic blue FRAKTA bag packs an endless array of hacks.

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