18 Ways to Beat the Heat

So far this year in the U.S., we’ve had the warmest March, the third warmest April, the second warmest May, and the warmest July on record. Labor Day once meant the temperature fell -- but for much of us, that's not looking likely for a few more weeks.

While many heat-wave sufferers would like nothing more than to draw the shades and curl up in an air-conditioned room, there are plenty of other ways to sweat it out (or not, as the case may be) -- no energy-gulping air conditioners required.

Here are a few things we learned this summer to beat the heat.

-- by Mairi Beautyman, Melissa Breyer, and Chris Tackett

1. Sleep naked.

2. Protect your head from the sun.

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3. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

4. Let your body breathe! Ditch the tie, ditch the hose, dress down for work.

5. A break in the hottest part of the day reduces energy demand during peak times.

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6. Men, embrace the parasol.

7. Take advantage of cool evening air.

Heat tpsNeven Mrgan/CC BY 2.0

8. Eat spicy food.

9. Tie a wet handkerchief around your neck to quickly cool your body temperature.

10. Try no-cook recipes to keep the house cool.

11. Create air flow using windows & fans.

Heat tips- luz -/CC BY 2.0

12. Perspiration cools you down: Learn to love your sweat.

13. Shade the windows to reduces solar heat gain.

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14. Drink hot drinks to cool off. Or cold drinks. Or cool drinks. Just drink something.

15. Use your windows strategically.

16. Eat juicy fruit to stay hydrated.

17. Adjust your ceiling fan direction when seasons change

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18. For a quick cool down, keep a spray bottle in the fridge.

Do you have more tips for keeping cool? Let us know in the comments!

18 Ways to Beat the Heat
Labor Day once meant the temperature fell -- but for much of the U.S., that's not looking likely for a few more weeks. Don't let the end-of-summer's unprecedented heat get you down!

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