12 Sets of Sumptuous Sustainable Sheets

Sheets© Lovely Home Idea

On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed. For someone reaching the age of 90, that's 30 years spent between the sheets. Shouldn't those years be spent swathed in healthy sheets that are kind to our bodies and the planet? Conventional sheets are made from synthetic fabrics or conventional cotton, which is considered the world's 'dirtiest' crop due to its heavy use of the most hazardous pesticide to human and animal health.

All of the bedding shown here has a sustainable story to tell. Not only do the natural fibers feel sumptuous and amazing, but all of it promises to promote smooth sleep...and whatever may happen when you slip between the sheets.

1. My Purple Provence Dream

100 percent linen sheets by Lovely Home Idea, above. Custom queen set. (Lovely Home Idea, $275)

2. Plover Black Flock

Sheets© Plover Organic

Plover textiles are produced from high-quality 100 percent Plover Organic, $215-$305)

3. Plover Pink Waves with Pink Roses Duvet

Sheets© Plover Organic

Plover Organic also uses a hydrogen peroxide bleaching process (an improvement over chlorine bleach) and only low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes, and they practice Fair Labor manufacturing. (Plover Organic, $215-$305)

4. Plover Teal Circles

Sheets© Plover Organic

These sheets are 100 percent organic cotton sateen, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, and printed by hand. (Plover Organic, $215-$305)

5. Crochet-Trimmed Organic Cotton

Sheets© Coyuchi

Soft plain-weave cotton is lush and 100 percent organic, with a bit of crochet to add a girly touch to an otherwise modern and simple sheet. Made in Portugal. (Coyuchi, $80-$200)

6. Organic Cottage Stripe

Sheets© Gaiam

This 250-thread-count organic cotton percale bedding are made of smooth, airy 100 percent organic cotton, using low-impact dyes. (Gaiam, $119-$169)

7. My Linen Dream

Sheets© Lovely Home Idea

Made from 100 percent softened pure linen fabric, this eco-friendly bedding is exceedingly kind to skin because it allows it to breath; it is cool in summer and warm in the winter. (Lovely Home Idea, $60-$165)

8. Organic Jersey Cotton

Sheets© Coyuchi

Imagine wrapping yourself up head-to-toe in your favorite, super-soft T-shirt. That's what these 100 percent organic cotton sheets feel like. Heaven. Sourced and woven in India. (Coyuchi, $80-$143)

9. Washed Organic Cotton Percale

Sheets© garnethill.com

Made exclusively for Garnet Hill by Eileen Fisher, these geometric patterned sheets are inspired by a handmade Japanese block print, and are comprised of certified organic long-staple cotton - washed for softness. 200 thread count percale, made in Portugal. (Garnet Hill, $70-$100)

10. 100 Percent Bamboo Sheets and Duvet

SheetsAmazon/Promo image

BedVoyage sheets are made from 100-percent bamboo-derived rayon produced from bamboo viscose, using a closed-loop process. Raw materials are selected from non-polluted areas in Asia. (Amazon, from $105)

11. Cloud Brushed Flannel

Sheets© Coyuchi

Thick cotton flannel, brushed to a super soft hand, makes these weighty six-ounce sheets luxuriously snuggly and warm. 100 percent organic cotton, sourced and woven in Portugal. (Coyuchi, $45-$144)

12. Hand-Woven Turkish Linen

Sheets© Nurdun Uslu

Made from a medium-weight Turkish cotton and linen blend, this hand-woven fabric is made by women in Odemis, a small city in Middle Anatolia, Turkey. It is soft, sturdy, natural, healthy, and beautiful! (nurdanceyiz, $325 for 6-piece set)

12 Sets of Sumptuous Sustainable Sheets
Conventional cotton is the most pesticide-intensive crop out there, so slip into these sustainable options instead.

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