Your Crab Cake May Be Permanently On Back Order


Harvest too many Maryland Blue Crabs, year after year, and they'll go away. Let soil erode badly from farm lands that feed essential estuaries, they'll go away. Spray pesticides thoughtlessly, they'll go away. Only in living systems can "away" be made so permanent, so quickly, so painfully. A predetermined outcome of the present course: no more TeeVee ads for delicious crab cakes shipped to your door.

Maryland and Virginia's U.S. senators say there's no time to waste in declaring the decline of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs a federal disaster...In a letter to federal authorities, the senators argue for a declaration that would provide about $20 million in federal aid to watermen and seafood processors hurt by the crab's decline...The letter was sent yesterday to Department of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Sens. Barbara A. Mikulski and Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland and John W. Warner and Jim Webb of Virginia point out that blue crab stocks in the estuary are down about 70 percent from 1990.
Watch any "food shows lately?" One ingredient at a time, traditional items are being crossed off the menu, the elegance of dining slowly dissipated - all but for the rich.

The free market offers no answers here. Conservation is the imperative.

Via::Baltimore Sun, Disaster status urged for crabs Image credit::Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Crab is king in Maryland

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