You don't need a skillet to cook fabulous eggs

baked egg
CC BY 2.0 Kimberly Vardeman -- A delicious baked egg

Learn how to prepare this breakfast favorite using other tools in your kitchen. The results will amaze you.

Eggs and skillets seem like an inseparable pair. Together they create one of America’s favorite breakfast staples, beloved by millions. There’s nothing wrong with the good old skillet, but sometimes a cook wants to branch out, try new techniques. Learn how to make eggs using tools already in your kitchen and you'll always have a delicious meal at your fingertips.

Use the microwave

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave by tossing some chopped veggies, lightly beaten eggs, and some milk in a large mug. Cook until it reaches desired consistency, around 2 minutes on high.

You can also poach eggs in the microwave. Pour one egg into a cup with 1/3 cup water and a dash of vinegar. Cook for 1 minute, then continue cooking while checking the egg every 20 seconds until it reaches preferred doneness.

Use the waffle iron

This innovative method is extremely simple. Do as you would with a skillet – pour beaten egg mixture into lightly greased, hot waffle iron and wait 2 to 3 minutes. It’s like an instant omelet.

Use the oven

There are a number of ways to bake eggs, all conducive to feeding a crowd. Spread sautéed greens on a baking sheet. Crack eggs on top, leaving several inches between each one. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Try this heavenly recipe for Eggs with Mushrooms and Gruyère from Food52.

Bake eggs in a muffin tin; however, it’s important to grease the pan thoroughly. Pour a tablespoon of heavy cream or non-dairy milk in each cup and crack an egg over top. Add some grated cheese, minced green onion, salt, and pepper, if desired. Bake for 15 minutes, or until you reach desired consistency.

You can also pour beaten eggs into a muffin tin, which creates a sort of mini-frittata that freezes well.

Use the slow cooker

Pour beaten eggs and vegetables into a slow cooker that is well-greased or lined with parchment paper. Cook on low for 3 hours, lift the parchment out, and serve with green salad on the side. There are lots of slow cooker frittata or breakfast casserole recipes online.

Use an electric pressure cooker

This is a good method if you eat a lot of boiled eggs and want to cook a bunch at a time. Put a dozen eggs in the pressure cooker and you can have soft-boiled in 3-4 minutes or hard-boiled in 8 to 9 minutes. Find directions at The Kitchn.

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