You Are Where You Eat: Obesity Maps of North America

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CalorieLab maps the obesity rate in the United States. What makes Mississippi the fattest state and Colorado the skinniest? It certainly can't be Colorado's love of bicycles, judging by their congressmen. I am told that the love of deep-fried food affects Mississippi and the four fat states surrounding it. Or could it just be too hot and languorous there? And why are Washington and Oregon, where everyone bikes and kayaks to work every day, pleasantly plump compared to Montana and Utah?
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It was suggested that perhaps there was a correlation between red states and fat states, but while there might be in the northeast, that doesn't hold true for Colorado and Montana.

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Canadian policy wonk David Eaves extended the map north and the results were surprising. Why is most of Canada as thin as Colorado? Certainly it can't be the access to fresh vegetables. Is it the late entry of Wal-Mart into the market there, which made food a lot more expensive than in the States?

So many questions. Via ::Richard Florida and ::Andrew Sullivan

UPDATE: commenter Julius steers us to this census map noting poverty rates.


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