YoNaturals Vending Machines


Face it, we've all been there: Standing in front of a vending machine with a fistful of quarters and a growling belly, gazing intently at the racks of nibble-size snack packages, while hemming and hawing over the pros and cons of choosing a packet of 100-calorie Oreos over a bag of Wheat Thins.

Healthful choices in these junk-food machines are generally few and far between, but YoNaturals wants to turn that concept on its head. The Solana Beach, Calif.-based company stocks its YoZone vending machines with natural and organic snacks and beverages, a boon to school districts, hospitals, health clubs, corporations, and tourist attractions that want to keep the convenience and popularity of vending machines, but are also looking for solutions to combat obesity, diabetes, other health issues on the rise.

"People need a healthy alternative because they are too susceptible to the allure of fast-food and junk-food marketing," says Mart Trotter, CEO of YoNaturals in a press release. "Too many calories and too much of the 'wrong foods' are the cause of many obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease." ::YoNaturals