Yoga Twists into a Must-Have Mainstream Hotel Amenity

Image via: Mike Stoner/NYT

Just on the heels of returning from hosting my own low-impact yoga retreat, I've been reflecting on how happy, invigorated and inspired my retreat guests left. I've often thought, if only everyone could experience the personal sense of health and happiness that yoga delivers without requiring massive amounts of energy (unless you're perhaps practicing Bikram).

I was therefore stoked to stumble across this relevant piece of news from the New York Times' travel blog, which claims the ancient practice's ever-growing accessibility in mainstream hotels.Busy yogins--or aspiring ones--unrealistically able to whisk away on a full-fledged retreat can still squeeze in their practice on the go.

The famously green Kimpton hotel chain offers yoga mats and straps to inquiring guests. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts have hired a yogi to create yoga classes for its spa division. And the California's Parker Palm Springs in California added an open-air yoga studio to its property. Just to name a few...

It's a true indicator that even through tough economic times hotels and the tourism industry, in general, are finding that U.S. consumers are still seeking preventative health alternatives for overall well-being.

Niki Leondakis, chief operating officer at Kimpton Hotels stated, "I'd say there's a demand for yoga. It's also something that's operationally easy to offer, relatively speaking. It doesn't require expensive gear or lots of space. The beauty is in its simplicity."

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