Yet Another Bisphenol A Pile-on: Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes and Liver Problems


Canned Babies by Todd Huffman

Now let's see, studies have shown that it grows breasts on men while it reduces their sperm counts, causes women to get early puberty and possibly breast cancer, and worse than that, it can even make you fat. and possibly stupid. But the ever-vigilant Food and Drug Administration thinks the stuff is is just fine for babies.

Perhaps they might want to have a look at the latest study from a team of British and American Scientists, which determined that people with higher levels of bisphenol A had higher rates of heart disease, diabetes and liver abnormalities. It's the biggest study yet

According to Lyndsey Layton in the Washington Post:

The research, published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association by a team of British and American scientists, compared the health status of 1,455 men and women with the level of the chemical, also known as BPA, in their urine.

The researchers divided the subjects into four groups according to their BPA levels and found that those in the quartile with the highest concentrations were nearly three times more likely to have cardiovascular disease than those with the lowest levels, and 2.4 times more likely to have diabetes. Higher BPA levels were also associated with abnormal concentrations of three liver enzymes.

"Higher urinary concentrations of BPA were associated with an increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver-enzyme abnormalities," wrote the researchers, led by David Melzer of Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, England. "These findings add to the evidence suggesting adverse effects of low-dose BPA in animals."

The Industry Disagrees

Not surprisingly, The North American Metal Packaging Alliance, which represents can manufacturers,[who line their cans with epoxy that can leach the stuff] dismissed the JAMA study article as an "unsubstantiated scientific leap" and called for additional research.

Our resident chemist John also wonders if the sampled population was chosen to avoid a dietary bias. "This could also be argued to demonstrate that people who eat the an abundance of pre-packaged and commercially prepared fast food have heart
disease at relatively higher rates, for example. In which case the higher
urine spillage rates measured for BPA would simply be flagging an otherwise
unhealthy diet." - a very good point when the study is looking at associations.

Look out for canned food

Thanks to Wal-Mart and Nalgene, polycarbonate water bottles no longer contain BPA. But tin cans do, and this is now the probable major source in our diets. No wonder they are fighting so hard. ::Washington Post
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