Yellow + Blue Wines Expands Its Use of Sustainable Tetra Pak Cartons

Malbec Torrontes Tetra Pak carton photo

photo: Yellow + Blue

Yellow + Blue is expanding its use of sustainable Tetra Pak(R) cartons to include its Torrontes varietal. After the success of its Malbec in the Tetra Pak packaging, the brand of organically grown Argentinian wines has decided to wrap up another varietal. Read on to find out about why Tetra Pak is so sustainable.Yellow + Blue will now offer both its Torrontes and Malbec wines in sustainable Tetra Pak packaging. The company already uses natural, sustainable processes in its vineyards and ensures not to use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. In fact, Yellow + Blue wines are certified organic throughout the entire growing, winemaking, and packaging process.

Now Yellow + Blue wines has gone a step further with the expansion of its Tetra Pak packaging.

Tetra Pak Sustainability
According to Yellow + Blue, its cartons use 92 percent less packaging to deliver the same amount of wine as traditional glass wine bottles. According to a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) study conducted by Franklin and Associates, wine bottles use much more energy and emit more greenhouse gases than Tetra Pak or PET containers. In addition, Tetra Pak cartons are lighter, take up less space, and can be more efficiently packed into fewer trucks. The Tetra Pak manufacturing company in Denton, Texas reduced energy consumption by 27 percent. Today, the company's use of electricity is offset with electricity certificates.

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