Yankee Stadium Bans Sunscreen: Security Threat or Squeezing For Nickels?

sunscreen confiscated at yankee stadium photo
It is really hard to promote the idea that people should get outdoors, be part of their community, go out to the ball game or whatever when we read things like this. At Yankee Stadium, the security guards are confiscating sunscreen. "Five hours in the upper deck with no sunscreen is crazy," said one upper deck seasons ticket holder. Fans in the bleachers point out in the New York Post that the sun may be a bigger threat than Osama Bin Laden.

"I was really pissed because, since I am Irish and I have a bald head, I need my sunblock," said Sean Gavin, 40, who had to toss his SPF 30 at the gate Saturday. "After they saw me dousing myself with it, it should have been obvious to them that it was sunblock and not some explosive."

Of course, if you need sunscreen the stadium will sell you an one-ounce bottle for five bucks. Dermatologists are quoted as saying that security concerns or not, leaving 56,000 fans unprotected from potential skin cancer is "very dangerous." "This is especially bad for children, as their younger skin is particularly sensitive," said Dr. Babar Rao, a specialist at the Skin and Cancer Center of New York. "Sunblock needs to be reapplied every two hours, even if you are not swimming in the ocean or pool."

But hey, when you have to pay Alex Rodriquez's salary, you will use any excuse to squeeze a few more bucks out of your fans. ::New York PostAnd you don't want their stuff anyways, you want good sunscreen.
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