Would You Like a Bag of Milk?

Waitrose is to start selling milk in plastic bags, alongside reusable jugs. The idea is to reduce the amount of harmful plastic milk cartons that get used. They're strong and use a lot of plastic, but are thrown away after one use. The new bags will be use 75% less plastic, and are only designed to get milk home, rather than for a couple of days use.

180 million pints of milk are used every week in the UK, and only one in four plastic bottles is recycled. That means a huge amount of plastic is simply being dumped every week.

In the seventies another UK store tried the same thing, but the idea wasn't popoular. It has taken off in Canada though, where pouches of milk are available in stores. Jim Begg, of Dairy UK, said, "What you're seeing now I think is going to be an emerging trend. [But] it's expensive to make any new forms of packaging and operational systems, and we have to be confident it's going to have a meaningful effect."

The bags will be available on a trial basis in 17 stores, and will be rolled out to more if successful. Jane Hills, Waitrose's dairy buyer, said, '"Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly solutions and the new milk packs and jugs will be top of their shopping list. The eco-packs will make a radical difference to the way milk is sold within the UK."

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