Would You Ever Eat Insects? (Survey) [Updated]


Photo: Wikipedia, CC
"When they're fresh, their exoskeletons don't get stuck in your teeth."
Reading this article about eating bugs as a greener substitute to animal meat in the Atlantic almost made me swear off food for good. Intellectually, I know that there's probably nothing wrong with insect-sourced protein and I'm ready to believe people who've eaten them that they can be tasty is cooked right, but my poor evolved brain has innate reflexes that make me feel queasy at the idea of putting these things in my mouth. Maybe if I had been used to eating bugs from childhood things would be different? But I'm curious to know if you're the same. Would you eat bugs just because they're a greener source of food? Please vote in the poll below and leave a comment to tell us what you think of having garlic mealworm for dinner.

Photo: Wikipedia, CC

And a different poll for those who have actually eaten insects (I don't want to assume that all my readers haven't had that experience...):

Get your friends and family to vote too. I'm curious to know what all kinds of people think about this, not just die-hard treehuggers!

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Via The Atlantic
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