Would You Drink Bottled Water If It Came in a Recyclable Paper Container?

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There are many reasons that the hair on the back of your neck might stand up when someone says the words bottled water - all that wasted plastic, the people harmed in the making of said plastic, the communities 'losing' their water when it is bottled. But, sometimes you need portable water containers. (Okay, we admit that there are alternatives, but what if?) If that container was made from recycled paper instead, would you drink bottled water then?Some people see no problem with bottled water; in fact they think it's their only option. Other people choose a portable container, but when push comes to shove will drink from that plastic bottle if, say, someone else purchased it for them or they are experiencing severe dehydration. Other folks flat out won't even let that plastic touch their skin. One Drink at a Time is hoping they might not have found the solution, but that just maybe they have found a better alternative.

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Created by parent company, Refreshing Ideas LLC, One Drink at a Time uses recyclable (mostly) paper containers. Though looking at the containers themselves, it's not obvious that most people would consider these containers recyclable (they have an odd shape), nor if most municipalities be able to accommodate these containers. Residents with access to "carton" recycling should be able to recycle the containers, including the mouthpiece. Should they get dumped, the paper will eventually break down (except for the thin laminate coating), unlike plastic. The cartons use less energy to produce than plastic ones, and the paper itself comes from sustainably managed forests. The design itself did get a kudos from Al Gore when it won the Presidential Award for Sustainability.

The water itself comes from underground aquifers around Canada's Niagara Escarpment. So the question is, if you've forgotten your refillable container at home, or if you're dying of thirst, or if you just enjoy carrying a portable container that they can easily throw away, do you think you would consider drinking bottled water again if it came in a paper container? Let us know. You can purchase One Drink at a Time at health food stores, and on Amazon.com. :One Drink at a Time
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