Worldshake Fair Trade Juices


Contributing further to the public confusion about the threat of "global warming", spring has seemed late in coming to northern Europe this year. Last week the temperatures finally shot into the range which send one desperately seeking a tasty beverage. As we were driving across Belgium when this thirsty urge overcame us, we had the opportunity to discover the Worldshake® from Oxfam. A little research reveals that the juices from the Jose Marti cooperative are new to the line of Oxfam products.
Oxfam has been a leader in Fair Trade products for over forty years, using the proceeds from sales to support their work in finding long-term solutions to poverty and inequity in developing nations. The Worldshake® we bought in Belgium has a hearty banana base with a refreshing citrus tone, relying on fair trade bananas, oranges and grapefruits mixed with apple juice from local Belgian manufacturers. At less than a euro and a half for a liter bottle, it appears that Fair Trade can be accomplished without a terrible premium.

The Fairtrade Labelling Organization, FLO, is now working to create one international image so consumers know which products are certified as Fair Trade. This mark should replace the varying identifiers, such as "TransFair" or "Max Havelaar". You can find out more, including the difference between fair trade and ethical trade, at the Oxfam International website. Find the link to your national Oxfam organization to see if their is an on-line store or to find retailers selling Oxfam FairTrade products in your area.