World's Largest Caterer Bans 69 Endangered Fish From Its Menus

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Good news for more sustainable fisheries! The world's largest contract caterer, Compass Group, has just announced that it will remove some 69 endangered and threatened fish from its menus in the UK and Ireland. The fish to be banned are those recommended by Marine Conservation Society for consumers to avoid because of overfishing and other environmental concerns: Effective Immediately at 6,500 Locations
The species on the Fish to Avoid List will not be served at any of Compass' restaurants, canteens, or hospitality events, nor will they be used in any of their sandwiches or grab-and-go options. The move is effective immediately and will not be changed except if MCS deems a species safe to eat.

This move covers some 6,500 locations, including several schools and universities, the Bristol Zoo, Proctor & Gamble sites, and the Chelsea Football Club.

Compass Had Already Banned Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish
The Guardian reports that Compass had already pledged not to serve bluefin tuna, swordfish, or 13 other vulnerable species. Now the full MCS list is banned, including four types of skate, five types of tuna, two types of plaice, and Atlantic cod from all but a few certifiable sustainable fisheries.

Which fish are banned?: MSC's Fish to Avoid List

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