World's First 'Edible' Cookbook That you Read, Prepare and Eat (Photos)

Edible Cookbook© Korefe

German design agency Korefe created 'The Real Cookbook' for Gerstenberg Publishing House. The promotional cookbook is one you can sink your teeth into-literally.

Edible Cookbook, pages made from pasta© Korefe

The book isn't just instructional; it's an essential ingredient in the recipe you're following. The pages of the book are made from fresh pasta and as you read the book you use the pages as sheets in preparing a classic lasagna. At the end of the process you're minus a cookbook, but you've gained a delicious meal.

Edible Cookbook ingredients© Korefe

Edible Cookbook pasta pages© Korefe

Edible Cookbook© Korefe

Edible Cookbook© Korefe

Edible Cookbook ready for baking© Korefe

After following the recipe you end up a meal you can serve and eat, and you didn't have to worry about getting the pages of the book dirty, or where you'll store the book when you're done.

Edible Cookbook, lasagna prepared, ready to eat© Korefe

As PSFK points out, by using the book as an ingredient in the dish itself, your expectations of the cookbook format are expanded.

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