Wired On What Astronauts Will Eat For Thanksgiving on Mars

veggie loafbluwmongoose/Screen capture

Wired describes the work of NASA's Advanced Food Technology Project, which is developing menus for a manned mission to Mars, noting that "Interplanetary travel will require a more sophisticated system than ever before for preserving and packaging meals, as well as a way to grow food during the trip."

They suggest that meals will be meatless, and that Veggie Loaf will be the main course, like it was in World War II when meat was rationed. (Xeni at BoingBoing didn't think this looked so appetizing)

Foods destined for Mars need a shelf life of up to five years—longer than space chow of the past. Most animal products can’t be stabilized for that long, so no turkey. This soy protein loaf is as close as Cooper has come to an actual bird. No fighting over the drumsticks.

The side dishes will be grown in the Martian hydroponic greenhouses. More in Wired

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