Wine on Tap: A Cheaper, Greener and Fresher Alternative to Bottles

wine on tap san francisco photo
Kat Wade in Chronicle

Two years ago, TreeHugger emeritus Ruben Anderson wrote New Wine in Old Bottles for the Tyee, making the case for refillable bottles filled with local wine:

How did it become possible for us to think we could have whatever we wanted wherever we wanted it? Do you really want to try to look your children in the eye and explain that they have to eat jellyfish gumbo because you couldn't resist that lovely imported shiraz?

Now, in San Francisco, you can do Ruben one better; they are serving wine from kegs on tap, eliminating the bottle altogether.

wine on tap san francisco photo
Kat Wade. I like the chemistry flask.

Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle speaks to some restaurateurs who think this is the future.

"You're going to see this explode," says [restaurant owner Doug] Washington, who also co-owns San Francisco's Town Hall and Anchor & Hope. "It's the most PC thing you could possibly ever imagine. If you took your car at 1 a.m. and drove around the back alleys behind every restaurant, you'd see huge recycling cans overflowing with empty wine bottles. Some were wines that were served at the table, but a huge majority of guests never even saw that bottle. It went behind the bar and was poured into glasses. "This expensive bottle, everything about it was a waste, a complete and utter waste."

They are not serving plonk, but good local wines. It cuts costs by 10% to 25% and they can sell it by the ounce. The wine stays good because they pump in nitrogen.

The next step is to sell it to people who bring their own bottles, like they do in France and Italy. It is "a cheaper, greener and fresher alternative to bottled wines." More in the San Francisco Chronicle: What's on tap? Wine

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