Wilted Lettuce, Bolted Broccoli, and What to Do With Them (Video)

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Image credit: CHOW

We've said it before. Food waste sucks. Wasted food contributes to climate change. It exacerbates the water crisis. And let's not forget that discarded food represents an astounding economic waste too. Colleen has already given us 50 ways to never waste food again. But I've just come across two videos that give you some very different tips on what to do with that wilted lettuce in your fridge, not to mention that bolting broccoli in your garden.

Pan Sauted Wilted Lettuce
First up we have a video from the ever informative (and delicious) CHOW Channel on what to do with past-their-best lettuces you may find lurking in the bottom of your fridge. Rather than tossing them in the compost, why not try chopping them up, sauteing them with a little garlic and olive oil, and serving them as a side dish to almost any meal?

Juicing Bolted Greens from the Garden
And for those who are growing their own, here's a very different take for a different type of food waste—bolted greens, flowers and seed heads that never made if from your garden to your fridge. John from Growing Your Greens (who does sell juicers for a living, it should be noted) demonstrates how to make a nutrient-rich juice with just a few added ingredients.

We'd love to hear any other unusual tips on how to use up ingredients from your garden or fridge that are past their prime. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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