Will Happy Meals power the future?

Maybe. A Japanese hamburger chain seems to be trying. The MOS Food company is recycling the food waste from their Mos Burger restaurant chain into energy. In the Kanto region, the company is taking all the broken buns and crushed patties and other squished, expired, or otherwise unsellable food and converting it to methane and using it to power a local steel mill. In other regions, the leftovers are being converted into animal feed....

If MOS seems strangely un-Japanese moniker, I'm with you. But check out what the name means: It's an acronym. Mountain. Ocean. Sun. Their Motto? "Making people happy through food". Will the real Happy Meal please stand up

Wanna see what McD is up to in Japan? They had one freekin' nutty ad for their McGrand. It seems to be off the web, but you can see stills and what Trenchman.com has to say about it. (Here's a hint: Ronald is a chick).

This New Years message from McDonalds Japan is pretty creepy, too. Ronald is flying with a bunch of birds. [by Tamara Holt]

::From Greenbiz.com