Ambitious Crowdsourced Website Aims to Document World's Entire Food System

real time farms imageReal Time Farms/Screen capture

We've seen efforts to map local food and even under-utilized fruit trees before, but I'm not sure we've ever seen anything on this scale of ambition.

Real Time Farms is a site that, it says, is aiming to "document the entire food system". Already featuring 4,800 farms, 32,000 photos and 11,000 menu items, it is definitely an ambitious project. Cited by Food Inc as their "favorite new website", this crowd sourced resource on understanding the food system looks set for big things.

Where it will get interesting is if the guide starts to branch out from the locavore set. Given its stated aim of documenting "the entire food system", and given that ANYONE can upload photos and tell the story of their food, it seems like there is an opportunity for activists to tell the stories of the industrial food system through this platform too.

We've already seen the hatchery horrors of factory farming, and the less-than-ideal living conditions of many organic hens, but imagine if those stories were presented right along side their more humane alternatives.

Context is everything. This site could prove to be an important game changer.

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