Will Allen's Innovative Aquaculture System Insprires Commercial Application

Sweet Water Organics Aquaculture Warehouse Image

Sweet Water Organics' warehouse, pre-fish by Emmanuel Pratt viaMilwaukee Renaissance

Will Allen has received a lot of recognition lately. The Milwaukee resident was named a MacArthur genius, and he came in fourth in the voting to become the White House farmer - although the position doesn't yet exist. In recognition of his pioneering urban aquaculture program Allen was cited by Wisconsin Governor Doyle in his State of the State speech as someone who "was able to do incredible things with almost no resources."

Now, the social entrepreneur and CEO of the organization Growing Power has inspired a commercial application of his aquaculture system that will transform unused industrial buildings in Milwaukee. Sweet Water Organics was launched by Steve Lindner and Josh Fraundorf, along with minority partner James Godsil. Construction is just underway but the entrepreneurs can see beyond the noise and dust to their final goal.

Seven "fish raceways" with a total of 110,000 gallons of water are expected to possibly yield 100,000 tilapia, lake perch, perhaps blue gill, in a year.

While many of the particulars haven't been released, we do know that the project will develop in stages with the first tilapia to arrive in their new tanks in April. We'll keep our eye on this project and look forward to the photo and film documentation of the transformation of the building by Emmanuel Pratt. Here's a couple more shots of the transformation. Stay tuned for more.

Sweet Water Organics Construction Photo 1

Emmanuel Pratt
Sweet Water Organics Construction Photo 2

Emmanuel Pratt
via Milwaukee Renaissance

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