Wild Earth - Fair Trade Beauty Products From Nepal


We recently got in a lather about Hedgerow Herbals and their range of bath and body oils entitled Aaag! Grrrr!, Mmm!, Oooo!, Oww!, Zzzz! The company who owns Hedgerow Herbals is called Simply Soaps and as well as producing their own range of natural beauty and cleaning products they also sell the Wild Earth range from Nepal. Jim of Simply Soaps explained how he came to be selling Nepalese soaps from his UK based company. "I recently met a yoga teacher who knew the owner of Wild Earth and as our intentions are the same (ethical, environmental etc.) I looked at what they did and thought it would be a great add on to our existing products. They are beautifully packaged plus they resonate with me as I have been to Nepal. I am also interested in Buddhism, Ayurveda, and Yoga so the ranges suited growth in all these." Wild Earth is based in Kathmandu and contributes to 'women's and rural economic development in Nepal through the wholesale export of herbal products.' Most of their herbs come from 'remote, economically fragile mountain communities. By purchasing at the source whenever possible, they give harvesters (women are usually the herb-gatherers in Nepal) maximum income for their raw materials. The products are hand crafted by women mostly from poor, remote communities now working in Kathmandu and able to support their families through their work.' The range that Jim is selling through Simply Soaps includes Devi Rose-Jasmine-Hibiscus Soap, Ganesh Hibiscus Soap and Oil, and a Buddha meditation pillow (pictured above) which 'contains a special blend of aromatic Himalayan plants used by Buddhist practitioners for centuries to arouse enlightened qualities. These are traditionally offered on mountain tops to invoke peace and awareness for all beings.' ::Simply Soaps