Wild Child — The Whole Juice, Nothing But ....


The market in Australia for mixed juices has exploded in the past year or so. Largely due, I suspect, to the exposure (so to speak) afforded to irreverent juice brand, Nudie. To the point that it's hard to make your mark in this over-burgeoning category niche. One brand who have a story different to most, is Wild Child. Their parent company, Wild about fruit, is the "largest apple orchardist in Australia", which is kinda amazing, because their fruit is chemical-free. And they practice "environmentally-sensitive waste management", which includes a state-of-the-art worm farm. This creates a large volume of rich vermiculture tailings, reducing their need for chemical fertiliser. The over 4 million worms also munch through much of the orchards biodegradable waste. Such that their waste has been effectively trimmed by 50%. The juice itself is mostly from Australian grown fruit, processed without added sugar, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. Futhermore using a patented process developed with the government science lab, CSIRO, their fruit juice is the whole crushed fruit, including skin and core (but excluding the pips). This Australian 'first' is said to naturally retain all the nutrients and vitamins, along with taste and aroma. Flavours of Wild Child include Apple-Guava-Banana-Passionfruit, and Apple-Carrot-Beetroot-Lemon. ::Wild Child

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