Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup


Wholemato is a whole new way of looking at ketchup. Sweetened with plant-derived agave nectar, rather than the typical corn syrup, the certified-organic condiment also has a glycemic index of 7, meaning that you won't experience sudden spikes in your blood sugar. In fact, the ketchup is certified low glycemic by the Glycemic Research Institute of Washingon D.C., making it suitable for diabetics.

In our taste tests, we found the ketchup to be the perfect marriage of sweet and tangy spices, and one reviewer commented that it wasn't as oily or salty as most of the ketchups he's dipped into in the past. You can find Wholemato products sold at Whole Foods Markets and other retailers across the United States, with each 13-ounce bottle retailing for around $4.99.

Coming soon for the grilling season: Wholemato Spicy Organic Agave Ketchup. ::Wholemato