White House Farm Coming Soon

White House Sheep Photo

Sheep on the White House Lawn - Library of Congress

There's much to be excited about this week in the world of sustainable agriculture in the United States. The news of Obama's nomination of Kathleen Merrigan to be Deputy Secretary of USDA was met with cheers from across the country. Then the president announced that he was aiming to end direct payment farm subsidies. Hot on the heels of that news is the hope that the much dreamed of White House Farm could be here sooner than we thought. CBS News Hot Sheet is reporting that Neil Hamilton, an adviser to USDA head Tom Vilsack, was heard saying:

I believe that by this summer there will be a garden – another garden, a vegetable garden – on the White House lawn...I believe the Obamas are committed to that. It’s a big idea, and its gonna happen. During the campaign, going around shaking peoples’ hands, he never got sick once. He was eating well, and it could have to do with having an organic chef with him. This is someone who 'gets' nutrition.

OK, so it may be more of a garden than a farm but it's a start. Once the veggies get planted we can start lobbying for the Obama's to get backyard chickens, and heck why not a bee hive or two? Stay tuned.

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