White House Brews Its Own Beer

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If you've heard anything about Medal of Honor winner Sgt. Dakota Meyer you know that he single-handedly gives you more faith in the human race. He saved nearly a dozen Marines and two dozen Afghan soldiers by risking his life and going back into battle five times. His one request from the White House after being awarded the nation's highest honor, was that he drink a beer with President Obama. And according to CBS News, you won't believe what beer they drank.
Last Wednesday when Medal of Honor winner Sgt. Dakota Meyer had a beverage with the President, the beer chosen was a White House Honey Ale. According to CBS News, the Obamas purchased the home brewing set with their own cash and the White House has been making home brews ever since.

According to the Irish Central website and seen on NPR, Obama celebrated St. Patrick's Day by drinking the same Honey Ale made with honey from the White House garden beehive.

Obama is the first president in history, that's right ever, to serve home-brewed beer.

NPR reports that White House Curator Bill Allman said not even gourmand Thomas Jefferson brewed beer in the White House.

Home brewing is about as local as you can get. It's like growing your own garden of beer. A home brewer himself, Sami Grover breaks down why he goes to the extra trouble. "I save emissions and waste on everything from reusing bottles, through using spent grains as chicken food, to not trucking beer (which is mostly water) around the country. I even save on not paying the store to needlessly store and refrigerate my beverage."

So maybe you won't be having a beer with the President anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the home-brewed goodness of a similar honey ale.

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