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Don't Be Part of the Problem
There are many good ways to figure out which species of fish are under pressure - or even facing extinction - and which are 'ok' to eat. The most popular is probably the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch app for iPhone and Android. The Marine Conservation Society also has a site called FishOnline, as does Greenpeace, and there are other sources. WhichFish.org is similar, but it goes one level higher and tries to consolidate all of those sources while "erring on the site of caution" when there are contradictions between lists.

Image: Whichfish.org Screen grab

The beauty is, it's a very fast site with a functional design. You just scroll down the list (which should work well on a phone) and look for the species you are curious about. There's also a search feature at the top. Nothing but the essential, which I like.

Give it a try the the next time you're thinking of eating fish (if you do eat fish, that is).

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Via WhichFish.org
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