What's the Secret to Enjoying a Healthy Diet? Guy Watson of Riverford Organic has the Answer (Video)

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There's a myth that to eat healthily we must eat boring tasteless food. But there's fight on to persuade people that eating a balanced diet can be utterly delicious. Jamie Oliver has taken on the nutrition battle this year with his TED prize, Michael Pollan has published his entertaining Food Rules, while over at Planet Green we have a veritable banquet of scrummy food tips. Guy Watson of Riverford Organic has been on the front line of the local and organic food movement for many years, TreeHugger caught up with him recently at the WOMAD festival where he shared his secret for enjoying healthy food. Straight From Farm to Doorstep
Riverford Organic is the company that provides one of the UK's most successful vegetable box services, delivering fresh locally grown vegetables straight from Guy Watson's Riverford farm to our doorsteps. Last year Riverford Organic was garlanded with not one, but two awards from the Observer, they were winners of the Observer Ethical Award for best ethical business and the Observer Food Award for best ethical restaurant.

Guy Watson's mission with Riverford is to get the UK eating more organic vegetables more often, but too frequently he meets people who have no idea what to do with them, let alone how delicious they can be.

The Importance of Learning to Cook
In the interview below Guy talks to TreeHugger about his passion for teaching people how to cook so they can enjoy eating healthily. The Riverford travelling field kitchen journeys around the country setting up in homes, schools and festivals. TreeHugger first met Guy at the Do Lectures last year in Wales and just a couple of weeks ago we crossed paths again at the WOMAD festival where Riverford Organic hosts a farmers market and the Taste the World stage which offers a delicious combination of culinary and musical arts.

Guy Watson at WOMAD

Riverford Organic
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