What's the Most Wasteful Thing You've Ever Found?


In case you ever wondered, this is what a dumpster of fortune cookies looks like. Two photographers, who were driving around Downtown LA looking for interesting shots, came across these several dumpsters, entirely filled with the prophetic confectionary. Whether they were surplus to requirements, out of date or perhaps just too bleak in their predictions we don't know, but it seems like a terrible waste. But it's far from the worst that the web has to offer...


This is the result of another pair of photographer’s explorations, this time they came across a huge wasteland where surplus and out of date food was being dumped. One of the pair, Joe, said, "as soon as we opened the car door we were bowled over by the strong smell of organic decay. The place literally smelled like death. Expecting to find a dead cow (or worse) we rounded a corner and came upon an unexpectedly appalling sight: Food, still in packages. By the case, and even pallet full. Just rotting in the hot desert sun. Tons of it."

This makes us wonder just how often food dumping on such a massive scale goes on. What's the worst example you know of? Does your place of work regularly waste food? Let us know in the comments. ::Fortune Cookies on Flickr ::Watermelons in a Dumpster ::Food Drive Dump on Flickr via ::BoingBoing

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