What's in a Name? Babes n Burgers: Organic Treats for All Ages

When we visited West London based Babes N Burgers (warning: this website comes with a serious Flash alert!), we weren't quite sure what to expect. For this particular Treehugger at least, the name had a certain ambiguity. However, far from being an organic version of Hooters, this burger bar, situated on the fashionable Portobello Road, got its name from the restaurant's child friendly layout and menu. Not only does the restaurant come complete with its own playroom, featuring a piano and tiny tables and chairs, but it is also careful to offer healthy fast-food options for children, including no salt fries. The adults get a pretty good look in too.Treats from the standard menu include all-organic meat burgers, innovative vegetarian options, and generous sides of hand-cut fries. When we visited, the specials of the day included organic sausage and mash, and "posh" fish n chips. This can all be washed down with fresh juices, caffeine-free cola or, for the parents, organic beer and wine. The burger we ordered (a traditional cheese burger with a hefty chunk of fresh chilli as an optional extra) was extremely tasty, though not massive. However, for a few extra pounds you can order a double which would be more than enough to satisfy this Treehugger. The service was prompt and friendly, and the fries were excellent. Overall the prices were decent for central London. Next time we are in the Big Smoke we will be sure to pay this place a return visit. Still not sure about the name though

[Written by: Sami Grover]

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