What's In That Ring Pop?


Years of being bombarded by advertisements make even the most trusting of people somewhat skeptical when it comes to consumer products. However, hardened shoppers will often take a leap of faith when purchasing food and other consumer goods. For example, when a person sees a name like "Yoplait Go-Gurt Strawberry Splash" or "Fruity Cheerios" it is not unreasonable for him or her to assume that these products contain at least a trace amount of fruit. According to a report released by the Prevention Institute, these products are just two examples of food items that contain no fruit. Although a list of ingredients is required on food items, manufacturers such as General Mills continue to deceive consumers by prominently displaying images of fruit on product packaging. Deception of this nature is particularly upsetting given growing rates of obesity and diabetes among children, the target consumers for a majority of the products identified. However, few will be surprised to learn that your favorite edible bling, cherry ring pops, are made entirely of artificial goodness. For a complete list of these products, download the report here.