What to Do With Leftover Potato Chips (Video)

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Image credit: CHOW

We already know what to do with wilted lettuce thanks to CHOW tips. But what about leftover potato chips? It turns out that there are creative culinary uses for those crumbly bits of greasy goodness at the bottom of the bag too.

True, in the grand scheme of carbon footprints and wasted resources, potato chip crumbs aren't too high on the list. But living a greener life means being aware of what we waste, and I eat a lot of potato chips.

So serving them up in a traditional Spanish tortilla seems like a great way to put them to good use. I've also seen potato-chip crusted pork chop served in my local general store. Any other clever uses out there?

Check out Colleen's excellent post on 50 ways to never waste food again for more frugal foodie ideas. And if you're not sure why you should care, remember that discarded food wastes more water than showering.

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