What Every Community Can Learn from The Town That Food Saved

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In a Vermont town that industry forgot, a group of young, motivated, agricultural entrepreneurs are using food, plants, an ingenuity to rebuild the stagnant economy—and add new life to their community. Now, in a new book, Ben Hewitt offers the insight and stories of these "agrepeneurs"—along with a few lessons any community could benefit from learning.Good writes:

Ben Hewitt is a writer who lives a couple of miles outside town. His thoughtful new book, The Town That Saved Food, introduces the town's chatty cast of rising agrepreneurial all-stars—Tom Stearns of High Mowing Organic Seeds, Pete Johnson of Pete's Greens, Andy and Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farm—and adds some healthy skepticism about local agriculture in a place where some locals opt for Chinese over the community supported restaurant.

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