What Does Sustainable Tuna Fishing Look Like? (Video)

Fish-4-Ever sustainable tuna photo

Image credit: Fish 4 Ever

When I wrote about FishChoice's online sustainable fish finder, commenter Bird suggested that sustainable seafood was an oxymoron. I suspect that the ISSF's claims that 90% of tuna stocks are not endangered will not convince the harshest critics of the industry. But what about brands like Fish 4 Ever - a UK range of tinned seafood that uses only the highest standards of sustainable fishing? Click below the fold to witness the selective techniques of line fishing for tuna, and to see a direct comparison with industrial netting systems. It's a pretty stark contrast.Fish 4 Ever stocks seven different varieties of tinned fish - including tuna, anchovies, herrings, kippers, mackerel, sardines and salmon. The herring, kippers and salmon are all MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. All fish come from sustainable fisheries, are canned with organically-grown land ingredients, and consumers can trace their fish using Fish 4 Ever's online tool. The website lists where the fish comes from, information about the species, and also gives details about sustainability and conservation issues for the fish in question. All pretty neat stuff.

But to understand sustainable versus unsustainable fishing, you only have to check out Greenpeace and Fish 4 Ever's video on line fishing for tuna, versus industrial netting. No contest in my mind.

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