What Does Bio Mean To EU?


"Choose local" says this headline.

Europe has fought back against the multiplicity of labels for organically produced foods by making it a law that by the first of next year all such foods must carry the new green Euro "bio" label, which will soon start to make an appearance on packaging.

While it will may confuse an already label-overburdened consumer, the EU label is designed to co-exist with other systems. Sweden's agricultural minister Eskil Erlandsson thinks it's a good idea that will lead to increased buying of organic food. But country-specific eco/bio/organic labeling systems think it's a hastily thought up and ugly graphic that will a) confuse the many consumers for whom "bio" doesn't mean much, and b) make inroads into their (sometimes pricey) certification systems. And it doesn't do much to promote locally produced foods that may be better from a sustainability standpoint, as Svenskt Sigill's award-winning recent ads try to do. Via ::Eko-Tänk (Swedish)

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