What Color Foods Should You Eat?


Ditch the greens and start reaching for those eggplants, red cabbage, elderberries, and bilberries. According to a scientific study released last weekend, vegetables in rich red, purple or blue color are the most powerful anti-cancer agents. The results were shown in new laboratory tests conducted by a team led by Monica Giusti, an expert in plant nutrients at Ohio State University.The buzz word is anthocyanins--a class of antioxidant compounds which are not easily absorbed by the bloodstream. In layman's terms, they make it far enough in the digestive system to get absorbed at just the right point.

"All fruits and vegetables that are rich in anthocyanins have compounds that can slow down the growth of colon cancer cells, whether in experiments in laboratory dishes or inside the body," says Dr. Giusti.

Dr. Giusti conducted experiments on rats with colon cancer. Those fed a diet of anthocyanin extracts from bilberries and chokeberries, showed a 60 percent to 70 percent reduction of cancer tumors--compared with a control group that were not given anthocyanin.

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Image left (eggplants) courtesy of the Other Bruce. Image right (elderberries) courtesy of Roger B.

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