Well, Well, Well

Don't feel like cooking this weekend? Well, well, well listen up Bostonians because you are in luck. This is one TreeHugger post you don't want to miss. The Cambridge-based company, and yup it's called Well, Well, Well, fixes and even delivers all-natural and organic gourmet frozen dinners right to your door. Their state of the art blast-freezing technology naturally preserves the healthy meals and can last up to four months so you can stock up on meals in advance. You can choose between a la carte, complete meals, authentic pasta and yes Moms, even kid's meals. We were quite impressed by the selection, including the "Veggie Barcelona" - organic garbanzo beans, kale, purple-top turnips, carrots, tomato, finished with extra-virgin olive oil and cilantro. If you're feeling energetic you can find this meal, along with the "Vegan Holiday," at a few markets around Boston. Prices range from $4.95 to $36.95 and get $10 off as a first-time customer. Via ::Daily Candy ::Well, Well, Well [by KD]