Well, Well, Well

well.jpg Don't feel like cooking this weekend? Well, well, well listen up Bostonians because you are in luck. This is one TreeHugger post you don't want to miss. The Cambridge-based company, and yup it's called Well, Well, Well, fixes and even delivers all-natural and organic gourmet frozen dinners right to your door. Their state of the art blast-freezing technology naturally preserves the healthy meals and can last up to four months so you can stock up on meals in advance. You can choose between a la carte, complete meals, authentic pasta and yes Moms, even kid's meals. We were quite impressed by the selection, including the "Veggie Barcelona" - organic garbanzo beans, kale, purple-top turnips, carrots, tomato, finished with extra-virgin olive oil and cilantro. If you're feeling energetic you can find this meal, along with the "Vegan Holiday," at a few markets around Boston. Prices range from $4.95 to $36.95 and get $10 off as a first-time customer. Via ::Daily Candy ::Well, Well, Well [by KD]

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