Weekday Vegetarian: 9 Thanksgiving Recipes, Tried and Tasted

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this is one holiday where food is king, queen, court...well you get the point.

TreeHugger writer Kelly Rossiter has whipped up (and sampled!) nine delicious vegetarian recipes -- so you can pack your menu full of tasty delights and give your guests a Thanksgiving feast to remember.

You'll see options for vegetarians, vegans, and just plain foodies -- and the remaining recipes will launch throughout the week, so check back for more.

1. Parsnip Bisque with Crispy Chestnuts

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The parsnip bisque can be made up to three days ahead, and you just add the chestnuts when you are ready to serve it. I thought the bisque was still a bit lumpy after putting it through the blender, so I put it through a sieve, which turned out to be the most time consuming part of this otherwise very easy recipe.

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2. Vegetable Tagine

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There were a couple of reasons I chose to add a tagine to my menu for my Thanksgiving dinner party. It cooked for a couple of hours on top of the stove so we got it started early and then ignored it. I had other things going into the oven, and the tagine didn't take up any valuable oven time.

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3. Butternut Squash Galette

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A lot of good cooks find making pastry a daunting proposition, but this galette is very forgiving. The rustic appearance is part of the charm of a galette so you don't have to worry about how the pastry looks. This delicious savoury pie was a perfect addition to the big Thanksgiving meal.

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4. Spicy Cheese Biscuits

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Photo: Kelly Rossiter

I don't normally serve bread or biscuits with dinner, but our vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner was going to have sauces and gravy and no mashed potatoes to catch all that good stuff, so biscuits seemed like a great idea.

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5. Tofu Cake Stuffed with Brown Rice and Mushrooms

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Photo: Kelly Rossiter

If you are a vegetarian, chances are you've encountered snide remarks about tofu and brown rice. If you are trying to be a weekday vegetarian, chances are you are dreading tofu and brown rice. Worry no more.This tofu "cake" stuffed with brown rice and mushrooms was the surprise hit of our Thanksgiving dinner. This dish was my substitute for the turkey and it passed with flying colours.

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6. Mushroom Thyme Gravy

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Photo: Kelly Rossiter

What is Thanksgiving dinner without gravy? Just because you are having a vegetarian meal doesn't mean you have to forgoe what is to me, one of the most important elements of the dinner.

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7. Harissa

weekday vegetarian harissa photo

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

In addition to the gravy for the tofu cake, I wanted to make a sauce for the vegetable tagine.

The tagine has lots of spice in it, but it's not at all hot. My son is a great afficiando of hot foods, so this was an easy way to accommodate people who's tolerance of heat might not as great as his. Just a spoonful was all that was needed for most of the guests.

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8. Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Red Onion, Lemon and Pecorino

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Photo: Kelly Rossiter

I came to Brussels sprouts late in life because my parents didn't like them so never made them, and somehow I had managed to bypass them for years after that. Then I discovered the magic in pan frying them until they get brown and nutty tasting, and now it's one of my favourite fall vegetables. They are also fantastic in a bean stew.

I've wanted to try out a raw shaved sprout recipe for awhile and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so. I wanted a salad, but leafy greens are finished here for the season. Even the non-Brussels sprout eater at our Thanksgiving table liked them.

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9. Cranberry Sorbet

weekday vegetarian cranberry sorbet photo

I toyed with the idea of making a pumpkin pie for dessert for our Thanksgiving dinner because it really is such a traditional fixture to the meal. But I served so much food, I really wanted something that was going to be lighter as a finish.

I still wanted something seasonal, so I decided to make a cranberry sorbet and served it along side a selection of Canadian artisanal cheeses. It turned out to be the perfect dessert, very refreshing with a really intense cranberry flavour. I had some fresh pears that I added to the bowls.

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