Wean Machine: DIY Baby Food, Any Time, Anywhere (Video)

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Homemade Baby Food Without a Blender
It's not hard to find organic baby food these days - in fact Blythe put together a list of 7 great green baby foods not so long ago. But even the best store-bought stuff involves packaging and transportation - so what about making your own? The Wean Machine baby food maker offers a perfect portable solution, allowing you to make solid food from soft fruits or cooked vegetables, all without the need for setting up a blender. You can even make baby food right there in a restaurant. Click below the fold for video of the Wean Machine in action.
Here's more from the Wean Machine website - including a surprising warning about what might not make the best baby food (who knew that chicken wings were not good pureed?!):

Simply Fill, Squeeze and Feed! For best results, use on soft ripe fruits and well cooked vegetables - don't over fill and don't be over ambitious! The Wean Machine has limitations, please avoid foods like: t-bone steaks, chicken wings, pizza, whole grapes (they're stronger than they look!), peas, fresh tomatoes, bones, stones, pips.

Just don't forget to check out Planet Green's guide on How to Green Your Baby for more ideas on good, green parenting. And take a look at the video below to see the Wean Machine in action.

(Found via Random Good Stuff - and tipster Juergen!)

The Wean Machine Demonstration from Paul Hardy on Vimeo.

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