"We Grow As Much Lawn as Wheat": A Guerilla Gardener Debunks Food Scarcity (Video)

guerilla gardener photoVergePermaculture/Video screen capture

From feeding the 5000 with waste food to growing produce on a supermarket roof, we've already seen plenty of projects that are taking on the notion of food scarcity by reveling in abundance and possibility.

Part of that process means taking back lawns and planting food. From front yard vegetable gardens to edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless, there is huge symbolic value in transforming unproductive, sterile monoculture into a biodiverse resource for food production.

But symbolism is only a small part of it. If we really put our minds to it, we could grow an astounding amount of food on spaces that currently go to waste. In fact Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture claims we are planting up almost as much land to lawns as we are to growing wheat.

And he then sets about reclaiming a small piece of that land for something more productive. And fun.

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