Wayback Machine: Watch Store Wars, with Cuke Skywalker and Princess Lettuce

store wars
© Free Range Studios

In the recent post 5 reasons not to underestimate the power of plants and trees Melissa discussed the possibility that "Plants could be cognitive and intelligent ", recognize their own family and know when they are dying. Having recently seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I remembered a story from a decade ago, when Free Range Studios produced Store Wars, which was "loved by millions for its engaging and humorous approach to educating audiences about the importance of organic food and healthy eating habits." In it, the vegetables clearly knew family- "Cuke- I am your father" and much more than that. My favorite character is still Chewbroccoli, "the best co-pilot in the produce section!"
It is still great fun, ten years later. (and so is The Meatrix)

Grocery Store Wars from Free Range Studios on Vimeo.

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