Watch What You Eat: The Sugar Content is Deceptive

sugarstacks raisins photo

It is amazing what a good graphic idea can convey without words. Nobody would consciously feed their kid seven and a half cubes of sugar, but that is what I did every time I gave our children a box of raisins, which get 100% of their calories from sugar.

The clever comparison is from SugarStacks, a website filled with nothing but stacks of sugar cubes.

sugarstacks fruit rollup photo

Fruit rollups were always suspicious, and over 50% of their calories are from sugar.

sugarstacks yoplait photo

a dainty little yoplait yoghurt.

sugarstacks frappocino photo

I used to enjoy the occasional Frappacino. So much for that. No wonder we have an obesity crisis; nobody knows what they are eating. Congratulations to SugarStacks for showing us.

More at SugarStacks, overwhelmed at the moment by exposure on BoingBoing.