Wasted Food: Trashing the Idea of Throwaway Food

wasted food blog image

Image credit: Wasted Food

On some basic moral level, there is very little more repugnant than wasting good food. Having written about massive on-site composting, freeganism and even jet fuel made from food waste, it would be fair to say that I am somewhat obsessed with this subject. But the other day I was handed a business card in the street by Jonathan Bloom, author of a blog called Wasted Food—and Jonathan puts my mild obsession to shame. This guy lives, breathes, sleeps and, dare I say it, eats food waste. From debating the morals of not allowing doggy bags in a restaurant to celebrating initiatives like a new anaerobic digestion facility at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Jonathan clearly and openly admits that he will "pretty much write about any kind of food waste initiative".

But Wasted Food is about more than just news. The site also boasts a section on how to take action on food waste, a gallery of delights found by dumpster divers, and even some posts from Jonathan's brief stint going undercover as a produce guy in a grocery store.

This is awesome stuff, and I am going to make no apologies for mining the site for topics of future posts. Word is that Mr Bloom is also working on a book—so watch this space.

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