Wasted Bird: Americans Toss $282 Million Worth of Uneaten Turkey Annually

In all the excitement of the holiday Americans waste more food than ever over Thanksgiving--tossing 35 percent of each turkey (not including bones) each year. This only adds to the 165 billion pounds of additional wasted food as well as all the resources that go along with production like 105 billion gallons of water (enough to supply New York City for 100 days).

According to NRDC:

Per pound, the resources needed to produce that turkey are equivalent to driving your car 11 miles and taking a 130-minute shower (at 4 gallons/minute).* ...... And that’s to say nothing of the vast amounts of antibiotics used to produce turkey meat, leading to antibiotic resistance.

Skip the Waste and the Turkey

Go turkeyless this Thanksgiving and try one of these hearty vegan Thanksgiving recipes. It may be worth it considering that "producing one pound of turkey meat releases 5 kg of CO2 emissions according to the Environmental Working Group and uses 520 gallons of water," says NRDC. Avoid food waste by choosing two sides instead of six and one dessert instead of three. Skip the appetizers so you have room for the main course. Cheers to a tasty and thoughtful Thanksgiving!

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