Waste Fruit Feeds the Hungry in Canada

LifeCycle Project fruit trees photo
Image credit: A News

Yesterday I posted about the Fresh 1% sustainable food grant. In the process, I came across an awesome project called LifeCycle which is working in Victoria, Canada, to glean unwanted fruit and redistribute it to those in need. The trouble is, this year has not been a great year for tree fruits. LifeCycle needs more trees. Like FoodForward in Los Angeles, the LifeCycle Fruit Tree project aims to make use of the fruit that so often sits neglected on homeowners' trees. People with unused fruit can simply call LifeCycle and they will roundup volunteers, harvest the fruit, and then distribute it between volunteers, food banks, and the homeowner themselves. (Assuming the homeowner wants it—some just clearly don't like fruit.)

Unfortunately though, as this report from A News shows, the harvest this year has been poor due to a cold spring and incomplete pollination. LifeCycle is now calling for more homeowners with unwanted fruit to get in touch and put it to good use. Don't be shy.

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