Washington State Farm Markets Booming


This one's all good news. Farm markets are growing at an unprecedented rate across the US State of Washington, which now has over 100 of them. In metro areas, every neighborhood wants one. The latest trend is to go year-round:

The West Seattle Farmers Market, which last year saw $1.1 million in vendor sales -- a 300 percent increase over the previous year -- is the latest to go year-round.
The offerings are expanding.
Much has changed in 10 years, market and city leaders say. What was once a limited effort with mostly produce has gone mainstream, with a broader range of choices, from flowers to handcrafted cheeses and pastas, artisan breads, farmstead honey and cider, meats, eggs, herbs and other locally produced bounty.
Reportedly some of the small Asian neighborhood grocery stores are upset about losing sales. But volumes growing, the rest is all to the good, and people will have to adjust.
The University District, the oldest neighborhood farmers market and the largest, saw $2.2 million in vendor sales last year, with more than 2,000 vendor stalls, and will celebrate its 15th anniversary this summer.
Read the whole story, we suggest. For details check out the Washington State Farmers Markets Association.

We have to wonder if this trend represents a broader convergence: happens because large segment of population wants healthy food, because the region has already established supporting bike trail network, and because traffic has become insufferable. Let us know what you think the key factors are and whether other "green metro areas" are in line to experience the same.

Meanwhile, back at the custom bike factory...

Via::Seattle.pi.com, "Farmers markets keep growing, Demand outpaces available space" Image credit::ROcketTheBike, FreeRadical bike from Xtracycle, "set for the farmers market"

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